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Naumov Evgeniy Olegovich, Postgraduate student, senior laboratory assistant, sub-department of Russian history, Historical and Sociological Institute, Ogarev Mordovia State University (68 Bolshevistskaya street, Saransk, Russia),

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94 (470.345):355/359.07 «1918/1921»


Background. The relevance of the chosen topic is caused by an increased public interest to the problems of participation of the Republic of Mordovia in the Civil War. Its consequences had a decisive impact on all spheres of Soviet society. The purpose of the article is to research the contribution of the local authorities of the Saransk district to the creation of the Eastern Front’s 1st Army.
Materials and methods. The source base, using which the author attempted to achieve the goal, consists of the documents retrieved from the collection of the Russian State Military Archive and the Central State Archive of the Republic of Mordovia. In addition the researcher used the published sources, including the memories of the contemporaries. Through the use of the historical-comparative, historical-typological, historical-systematic methods the author was able to correlate the various estimates of the contemporaries on the contribution of the local staff into establishment of the 1st Army, to systematize the main areas of relationship, conditions and dynamics thereof.
Results. The author considered several areas of interaction between the staff of the mobilization department and the local authorities, including soldiers’ accomodation in barracks, supply of food, uniforms, weapons. The distinguishing feature of this cooperation was the pressure and interference of the army staff into the affairs of the local authorities.
Conclusions. Studying the experience of this relationship allows to conclude about a positive success of the union between the army and the territorial governments, and its beneficial effect on the process of formationof the Red Army in conditions of weak organization of the central military leadership.

Key words

mobilization department, 1st army of the Eastern Front, Civil War in Mordovia, military commissariat (recruitment office), party organization.

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